"Their live shows are superb – one always gets a sense of hearing music played with spontaneity, verve and delight."
Dessislava Stefanova, Music Director, The London Bulgarian Choir

Valkania is a four piece band from London, performing variations of Balkan music.
Our repertoire consists of originals, balkanised Western pop and westernised Balkan folk and pop songs.

We play two kinds of sets with a slightly different sound:
The first is more acoustic, folk based, with the Greek bouzouki dominating the sound in a way.
The second set is electrified, with electric guitars. The sound is a fusion of Balkan with blues, jazz, rock, ragtime, reggae, etc.

Be ready to be surprised by the variety of styles that gel well with Balkan melodies and rhythms.
Be amazed by the depth of misery and joy shared equally by the Blues and Rebetiko music.

Indeed, we sing in a few languages: English, Greek, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian etc.
And we would like to invite your ears on a feast of delightful rhythms and time-signatures that inspired many musicians, including the legendary Dave Brubeck.

All this cooked, arranged and performed by four musicians from 4 different countries:
Andy, GB, drums
Nikolay, BG, bass
Rob, NL, piano
Viktor, GR/MK. guitar, bouzouki, vocal

In 2016 Valkania collaborated with the Egyptian singer Hamza Namira, arranging and recording a traditional Algerian song; we recorded a video-clip as well as a short movie about the making of the song.

We have been successfully performing in various London venues such as Southbank, Rich Mix, Jamboree, Hootananny and others. Our 2013 album Roots was selected as one of the best World music recordings by Indieacoustic.com.