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"Their live shows are superb – one always gets a sense of hearing music played with spontaneity, verve and delight."
Dessislava Stefanova, Music Director, The London Bulgarian Choir

Valkania are London-based band who celebrate the Balkans’ infectious uneven rhythms, mixing them up with jazz and blues - plus ‘balkanized’ cover versions from the Rolling Stones to Roxy Music;  they also 'westernise' traditional Balkan tunes by turning them into ska, ragtime and other interesting styles.

Juggling five languages in a standard rock formation - electric guitars, piano, bass, drums - they also use folk instruments such is Greek bouzouki, baglamas, accordion and darabuka. 

In 2016 Valkania collaborated with the Egyptian singer Hamza Namira, arranging and recording a traditional Algerian song; they recorded a video-clip as well as a short movie about the making of the song.

They have been successfully performing in various London venues such as Southbank, Rich Mix, Jamboree, Hootananny and others. The 2013 album Roots was selected as one of the best World music recordings by


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